Global Hardware Delivery and Installation Services

We plan and manage in global deployments, ranging from one unit to tens of thousands of devices. In accordance with U.S. Government network access and security requirements, ITG provides applicable cleared personnel for the duration of the hardware installation deployments.

ITG has performed more than 200,000 hardware installations and data migrations. These engagements are distributed across commercial and government markets, encompassing more than 1,250 National Location and more than 130 international locations in 70 countries.

The hardware installation process adopted by ITG is a structured, systematic methodology that has evolved from lessons learned in previous installations. Successful adherence to established installation schedules is only obtained when precursor activities of acquisition, distribution, client site schedule coordination, and personnel deployment are appropriately coordinated, monitored, and tracked.

The logistics of coordinating equipment deliveries and scheduling installation personnel, with appropriate qualifications and security clearances is handled by our experienced logistic experts. Our ITG has provided acquisition, distribution, and installation of computer systems for many years and during this time has developed the necessary communication, tracking, and monitoring systems to ensure that the installation process runs smoothly.

Software and Hardware Installation Process

Installation team members are specifically selected by the corporate-level installation specialist in order to ensure a proper mix of hardware installation expertise while at the same time ensuring schedule adherence and minimizing logistics cost.

ITG’s hardware and software installation process encompasses a number of steps designed to provide smooth and efficient component installation. These activities include:

  • Site Surveys and Audits
  • Deployment, planning, and scheduling
  • Just in Time Delivery
  • Asset Management
  • On-site equipment receiving and staging
  • Transport of components from loading/staging area to installation area
  • Un-boxing of shipped components
  • Performance of the installation process in accordance with client approved procedural guidelines
  • In conjunction with installation of the new component, de-installation of the existing component and associated peripheral equipment identified at the individual site location
  • Data Migration
  • Migration of user documents and personnel settings
  • Installation of the new software image
  • Injection of user documents and personnel settings
  • Testing and certification of the new components
  • Boxing of the de-installed components
  • Movement of the de-installed components and all related components from the replaced hardware to an area designated by the local site contact
  • Removal of all packing boxes, materials, debris from the installation site area to a designated location either on- or off-site
  • Asset Recovery

Data Migration

An organization’s data is one of its most important assets. Consequently, protecting that data when migrating from one system to another and ensuring that all data is properly transferred, transformed, and preserved is of paramount importance.

Leveraging on our experience, ITG’s field engineers can utilize their skills to ensure effective, timely and efficient data migration. We can extract, transform, and load data from virtually any data source to any data target. Our data migration plan includes the following steps:

  • Assessment of current data distribution and operating system and identification of which data/applications are to be migrated;
  • Identification of potential infrastructure vulnerabilities (known difficulties in transferring from an earlier to later version of an operating system, data base structure or flat file application transference nuances, etc.) ;
  • Identification of appropriate migration tools to be used to simulate and test data movement routines ;
  • Backup of existing data prior to migration;
  • Data migration using step-by-step procedural guidelines;
  • Validation of data migration success and integrity

These steps accelerate system deployment, provide security for data to be migrated, and ensure that data transferred is readable, usable and appropriately “married” with the new operating system for maximum speed and reliability

ITG understands the correlation between computer installations and data migration services. We apply our years of experience and industry Best Practices standards to mitigate and manage risks associated with a technology refresh, even before they arise. Our goal is to make your migration experience consistent and reliable.