Federal IT Hardware Maintenance & Support


ITG provides Government IT Services and IT Hardware Maintenance to thousands of government users using our parts repair, integration, and logistics facility near our headquarters in Falls Church, VA. Our facility is guarded by full-time security, where we repair and refurbish our own parts to meet OEM specifications. Our business model allows us to accommodate aggressive SLAs through our global IT Field support with on-site response of two – four hours.

ITG’s ISO 9001 certified Electronic Repair Facility and Warehouse

ITG’s electronic repair facility for the majority of large OEM product lines and our warehouse is ISO 9001:2015 certified. Our commitment to deliver high quality IT services is met though our qualified technicians, considerable inventory of necessary spare parts, and a dedicated corporate team. ITG’s well-defined processes, performance measures, and our dispatch and service record tracking and monitoring system help us respond to problems in a timely and efficient manner.

IT Field Support

  • Technical Help Desk/Centralized Dispatch
  • Incident management & tracking with CENTRE, ITG’s web-based IT service management application
  • Single call triage/troubleshooting/component and whole unit replacement
  • Nationwide and global support
  • Over 4,000 Experienced and Certified IT Field support technicians
  • Warranty, Maintenance, and IMAC Services
  • Logistical support and spare parts warehousing
  • Flexible, Performance-based SLAs, automated escalation

Professional IT Services

Since 1984, U.S. Government agencies have trusted ITG with their IT services needs and IT hardware maintenance. The provision of government IT services is our core competency as demonstrated by the successful implementation of hundreds of contracts across the IT services spectrum.

A significant percentage of our staff has DoD Secret Security clearances, and all have been screened through law enforcement agencies.

When required, we can provide installation personnel with a minimum of a National Agency Clearance.

ITG currently maintains a 99% SLA attainment across all Government IT services contracts. Our experience has been instrumental in developing measurements and action plans to guarantee SLA attainment.

We value our current customer base and invest in policies and procedures to maintain customer satisfaction, such as:

  • We maintain dedicated full-time Quality Assurance personnel
  • Our ERP system automatically calculates, tracks, and triggers responses to SLA compliance or non-compliance.
  • ITG was one of the first organizations to achieve and maintain ISO 9001, ISO 20000-1, and ISO 27001 certifications and both CMMI-DEV and CMMI-SVC at Maturity Level 3 ratings
  • All SLA performance metrics and non-compliance instances are reported directly to Executive Management in real time.

Consistent Service Worldwide

Our principal strength is our ability to deliver consistent high-quality service worldwide through our trusted field technicians and SME service engineers. We offer a consistent quality of service through courteous and professionally dressed specialists; with uniform training, skills, and customer satisfaction commitment. Our support model includes a state of the art depot facility with over five million dollars of tested and ready for delivery spare parts coupled with a cadre of highly skilled bench technicians.

ITG increases the capacity and efficacy of today’s businesses where IT Service Management systems support a wide range of users, devices, and platforms; covering large geographic locations, and supporting not only their internal users, but their customers, too.

ITG provides OEM support

ITG is a service provider for the majority of large OEMs. IT hardware maintenance means managing servers, desktops, laptops, smart phones, tablets, and their associated peripherals. It requires the people, processes, and tools to support these devices and supporting infrastructure. The more equipment to maintain increases the volume of service requests issued to IT service support teams

How do IT support teams effectively support the growing number of users, devices, and platforms within an organization and still meet customer expectations without significantly increasing costs?

ITG’s ITSM offering allows a company to leverage our existing worldwide support network to handle the increased frequency and volume of service requests caused by expanding technology and customer growth. The high cost of hiring and training resources prevents many businesses from expanding their IT service capabilities.

To support in house expansion, companies are forced to pass on the additional costs onto their customers. Internal expansion of an ITSM system also detracts from an organization’s focus on core revenue generating operations. ITG helps businesses reduce operational costs associated with managing and expanding IT service capabilities. Our world class customer service and support ensure your technology remains operational and resources stay on task.

Technical Account Management

ITG’s highly trained Technical Account Managers (TAMs) are the heart of our IT Service Portal and Help Desk, they are focused on customer satisfaction and rapid resolutions.  Our expert IT support TAMs reduce the resolution time by properly diagnosing problems and dispatching the correct Field Engineer, Technical Specialist, or Corporate Product Specialist.

Our TAMs are supported by our dedicated Call-Center Operators who are located at ITG’s Global Support Center (GSC) in Falls Church, VA.  With service support available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year our team responds to tens of thousands of Service Requests each year with a customer satisfaction rating in excess of 97%.

Technical Account Managers (TAMs) provide:

Single Point of ContactA single point of contact which vastly improves user satisfaction
Worldwide AccessAccess to live global support 24x7x365: via phone, email, or service portal
Highly Trained PersonnelA highly trained person with technical expertise that includes trouble shooting and repair techniques
Reduced Resolution timeExpert knowledge ensures proper problem diagnosis and rapid dispatch of Field Engineers for service requests