Government IT Service Management


Today’s government agencies are becoming increasingly dependent upon their IT infrastructure and the information that it stores, processes and provides. The ever more competitive and cost-focused nature of today’s government environment means that the quality and cost effectiveness of IT services, (and their management), is recognized as fundamental to an agency’s success.

ITG’s primary corporate objective in Government IT Service Management (ITSM) is to provide computer services and support where integrated computer-based systems are vital to effective information processing.

What is a Government ITSMS?

In recent years, concerns have been raised that IT services, whether provided by an in-house IT department or an external organization, are not aligned with the needs of the government’s agency or its users. An IT Service Management System (ITSMS) is an integrated approach to enable a government agency to effectively and efficiently deliver managed IT services which meet specific requirements.

An IT Service Management System (ITSMS) is a set of systematic processes to help deliver managed IT services to a set of “customers”. It encompasses people, processes and systems. It is important to understand that customers are IT system users and must include internal users of IT just as much as external users.

Therefore, it is important for any government agency that has “customers” internal or external to consider an IT Service Management System. A properly implemented ITSMS can enable and help optimize IT services to satisfy every agency’s requirements and manage the IT infrastructure strategically.

A Common IT Service Management Issue

IT service providers can struggle to maintain high levels of service to their customers, particularly with the increasing diversity of technologies available. Often, too much time is spent working reactively with little time spent on planning, training, investigating and working with customers. At the same time, these providers need to have better quality, lower costs and faster customer responses.

ITG is an established Best Practices IT services company that has supported government customers since 1984

Service Management for Government by ITG

Since 1984 ITG has delivered more than 7,000 government projects under various contracts valuing over $500M in Government IT Services and has developed a distinguished record of tackling complex and unique problems for almost any U.S. government agency.

ITG holds the prestigious position of having obtained multiple organizational certifications for ISO 9001, ISO 20000-1, ISO 27001, CMMI-DEV and CMMI-SVC at Maturity Level 3 and ITIL

Effective ITSM for the Government.

An effective IT Service Management Strategy is required at all levels in order to support federal, state and local government needs. ITG operates on the basic policy that “The customer will be satisfied” and our team is dedicated to meeting this goal; a fact that has not gone unrecognized by our clients. At a glance, we have:

  • Technological knowledge of products including parts, lifecycle, features, and limitations
  • Qualified and trained personnel to deliver services and efficiently identify and resolve incidents
  • Responsive Help Desk staff to immediately respond to customers
  • Expansive geographic support to rapidly address service requests
  • Well defined processes to ensure the timely delivery and management of IT services
  • Monitoring capabilities and escalation procedures to track consistency of services and SLA attainment
  • Corporate commitment to support the delivery of Best Practices and quality of services

Certified for IT Service Management

ITG has addressed most of the IT issues raised by government users by implementing an ITSMS which combines the capabilities of ISO 20000-1 with those of CMMI-SVC and ITIL.

An integrated framework for delivering and managing IT services to the government can provide control, efficiencies, effectiveness and opportunities for improvement within the organization. Converged ISO/IEC 20000 and CMMI-SVC represent such a framework.

Government IT Service Management Capabilities

World-Wide Help Desk Facility

The ITG world-wide help desk facility which answers incoming calls as “Global Support Center”. It operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and accepts toll free calls via one US 1-800-835-7823 number.

One 1-800 number, one invoice, one contractor.

Our Global Support Center offers a service delivery solution that starts from a philosophy of problem prevention and ends with extremely high customer satisfaction from our skilled Service Desk and nationwide computer support service engineers.

State-of-the-Art Service Desk

Our solution centers on an ITIL certified Service Desk model that provides rapid response and ITIL Incident, Request Fulfilment & Event Management for our computer users’ service requests—wherever their geographic location may be. Our skilled computer support engineers will quickly and effectively resolve calls over the phone using sophisticated tools and technology to get users up and running fast.

Field IT Support

When desk-side support is needed, we select the nearest of our more than 1,250 nationwide locations and 70 global locations to dispatch a qualified support engineer, armed with everything needed—tools, software, equipment configuration, and asset information—to make the repair quickly and effectively. ITG is uniquely qualified to provide reliable, high quality system installation and maintenance services with over 4,000 available field engineers and technicians.

Security Clearances

“In accordance with U.S. Government network access and security requirements, ITG provides applicable cleared personnel for the duration of the deployments.”

Proactive Approach

Besides addressing customer inquiries effectively and efficiently, our ITSM solution includes proactive problem detection using our innovative incident management tools to identify potential failures before they are even detectable by our government users. Preventing an incident is even better than resolving it promptly.

Customer “First” Attitude.

From a complete site survey to a configuration analysis to personalized service from our Computer Support Consultants, we make the benefits of ITG’s service excellence immediate. As applicable, we follow through with frequent visits, “white glove” treatment, and continual building of relationships with our users.

Asset Management Plan

It is easy to engage with ITG. When customers sign up with us, we implement a hassle-free, comprehensive start-up plan—Quick-Start—that gets the customer equipment or software in our on-line system immediately.

We approach ITSM with a review of current Asset Management practices; or with the establishment of a Configuration Item Strategy and an Asset Management Plan. Our Asset/Configuration Management consists of four basic functions:

  • Identification – The identification and recordation of all IT components and sub-components deployed.
  • Control – The application of Change Management to the Configuration Item (CI) Components
  • Status accounting – The recordation, analysis and reporting of all CI current and historical data
  • Verification – The institutionalized review and audit of the IT Service Management System to ensure conformity with management processes

Government IT Service Management

ITG provides IT solutions with guaranteed performance-based services to federal agencies across the spectrum of ITSM seat management:

  • Site surveys and assessments
  • HW/SW and network discovery, analysis, and evaluation
  • Asset management and recovery
  • Network, server, and desktop requirements analysis
  • Infrastructure management
  • Help-desk support
  • Hardware and software design and configuration
  • Removal of existing equipment, data migration, and installation services
  • Specialized program support
  • On-site maintenance services and warranty support
  • User and administrator training
  • Accessibility requirements analysis
  • System operations support
  • Change, release, capacity, availability and continuity management
  • Security and risks assessments and governance

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What is ISO/IEC 20000-1?

ISO/IEC 20000-1, is a universal IT standard published by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). It constitutes both a code of practice and auditable specification which represents an industry wide accepted standard based upon the solid foundation of the IT Infrastructure Library (from the Office of Government Commerce).

This standard is internationally adopted and provides an assessment framework and specification for the adoption of an integrated approach to effectively deliver managed IT services to meet the business and customer requirements.

What is CMMI-SVC?

The CMMI-SVC constellation is a set of processes, which provide guidance for applying best practices in a service provider organization. In this context, implementation of CMMI Services improves and organizations capability to deliver quality services that meet industry needs.  Implemented collectively, they help an organization:

  • Identify that relationships exist between these processes, and that these relationships will be dependent on their application within an organization
  • Create guideline objectives and controls to enable an organization to deliver managed services
  • Define their service strategy and delivery approach – including Service Level Management, Availability Management and Capacity Management
  • Recognize interfaces between the service provider and both customers and suppliers
  • Clearly establish methods to respond to issues – those focused on incidents being resolved or prevented
  • Manage changes, assets and configurations
  • Develop a well-defined process for release management for the roll-out of new or changed software/hardware